Best text message monitoring software – What are the top apps to spy on sms messages

By , June 18, 2011 7:14 pm

woman spying on husband sms messagesText message monitoring software is a powerful app which allows you to check someone’s text messages and a lot more. You will also be able to do other additional functions like track the smart phone (via gps); see all incoming and outgoing calls; listen in on cell phone calls; spy on emails and virtually any communication you can think about. Everything depends on the application you have chosen because features vary among text message monitoring software. The price will also change according to which app you are dealing with. Since you will acquire additional functionality with these apps you can combine them with the ability to intercept sms communications to get the big picture of your situation. It may cost a bit more however your main focus should be discovering the truth instead of the cost. After all how much will it save you in the long run by knowing what is  really going on.

How does text messaging software work?

This technology works pretty much the same way across vendors in which you will register for the software first. At that moment you will be given an account with a unique user name and password in which all the communications intercepted will be sent to. It is your personal profile so that if you want to discover what is going on you simply log on and the data will be there for your viewing. Since it is a web account you will be able to view the logs no matter where you are provided you have internet access. Therefore if you are out of the country you will still be able to monitor text messages and other communications.

In order for all of this to work you will need to go to the next step which is to install the text message monitoring software onto the mobile phone itself. This is straight forward because it is like installing a regular app onto the phone. You will first download the app, install and configure (enter the same user name and password as your account) and that will take a matter of minutes. Once completed, you will be able to have instant access to view the communications of the mobile phone. This can all be done literally within minutes.

What are the recommended applications to use?

In terms of all around bang for buck the two best text message monitoring apps to use are Mobistealth and Spybubble. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages but overall Spy bubble would edge out Mobistealth mainly due to the fact it is simple and also more cost effective. However if you need the additional features then it will lose that race.

spy bubble app

If you just need a simple app to monitor someone’s text messages then Spybubble is your best choice. It features include:

  • Call logging
  • sms spying
  • Email interception
  • Mobile phone gps tracking
  • Photo capturing
  • Website tracking
  • Phonebook access

It may not have as much functions as its competitor but it has more than enough to discover if your partner is cheating; employee is stealing or child is going astray. The great part about this text message monitoring software is that you pay a one time fee of $49.99USD and that is it while other apps are done on a subscription basis.

If you would like to find out more about Spybubble then


mobistealth pro

Mobistealth consists of three packages which are Lite, Pro and Prox version. The great part about it is that it ranges between $39.99USD to $249.00USD depending on the subscription as well as the features offered. This puts this sms spy pretty much in the price range of most individuals. The features include

  • Text message monitoring
  • Blackberry messenger spying
  • Phone book access
  • Cell phone gps tracking
  • Call logging
  • Calender logging
  • Video and picture capturing,
  • Email interception
  • Reverse phone look up service
  • Cell phone tapping (listening to cell phone calls only for Android currently)
  • Surroundings listening or spy phone calling

As you can see by employing Mobistealth it is possible to discover whatever is going on with the person you are spying on.  This spy app is compatible with Blackberry, iphone, Android (e.g. Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc), Symbian (e.g. Nokia), Windows Mobile and Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It price ranges between $39.99USD and $150USD depending on the features you require.

For more information on Mobistealth you should

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